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The Superyacht Report 202

JULY 2020

The Superyacht Report JULY 2020

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    The Superyacht Captains Report, including The Superyacht Tenders Report

    The Industrialists
    In two separate articles, we meet four captains of industry, who have been to sea and then returned shoreside to apply their operational nous to their business careers, while elsewhere, we travel to England's south coast, where we speak to Joel Reid, global sales director at Cox Powertrain, and Captain Guy Booth, owner's representative for Project Phi. The two men discuss an exciting development in outboard technology, which will aboard Phi's chase boat.

    We invite captains to provide candid feedback on their experiences within two different sectors of the market – new-build and tenders.

    A homage to the heavy lifters
    An examination into the latest products, innovations and research within the mooring and deployment equipment sector.

    Regional Report – mainland Spain
    An investigation into the status of infrastructural investment across all major regions of mainland Spain, with commentary from the key players.

    Flexibility, efficiency and experience
    Three stakeholders grant us access to three very different case studies in order to assess the true utility of the mothership/support vessel proposition.

    Contemporary crew challenges
    Top professionals talk openly about the broad and varied challenges facing the modern crew member aboard a superyacht – and what the industry is doing to tackle them.

    Are two hulls better than one?
    A niche within a niche as we chart the growing popularity of multi-hulled tenders among a new generation of clients.

    Then and now
    Two longstanding superyacht captains outline how yacht design, construction and usage have evolved over their time in the industry.

    The Tenders & Toys Directory 2020
    A curation of this year's leading creations, designs and innovations.