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The Superyacht Report front cover

The Annual Report

The superyacht industry’s leading series of market data reports, featuring the complete archive of The Annual Report, the seminal yearly analysis of the new build market. This archive will now also include Annual Reports covering other major industry sectors, as they are published. These reports are meticulously researched by The Superyacht Intelligence Agency, and founded upon data supplied by the industry’s most comprehensive database,

The Superyacht Report front cover

The Superyacht Report

The definitive magazine for superyacht industry professionals, and relaunched in 2017, The Superyacht Report is the global industry's leading publication, encompassing the following sectors: Business, Fleet, Technology, Operations, Owner, Buyer and Design. Educating the market since its launch in 1992, comprising the superyacht media's largest in-house team of 14 full-time editors, journalists and data analysts, The Superyacht Report is 'a magazine worth reading'.

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The Crew Report

Relaunching in May 2017, The Crew Report is the only source of educational content for career-minded superyacht crew - something crew told us they needed in our relaunch survey. Comprising sections for every on-board department (deck, engine room, bridge and galley), as well as a captains section dedicated to on-board decision markers, and a careers section, The Crew Report advises and supports crew at every stage of their career.

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Superyacht Owner

Now incorporated into the Owner section of The Superyacht Report, back issues of The Superyacht Owner provide owners and their advisors with sage advice on managing and maintaining their superyacht as an asset.

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Superyacht Design

Now incorporated into the Design section of The Superyacht Report, back issues of Superyacht Design profile themes within the spheres of exterior and interior design, as well as the finest products and artisanal creations on the market.